It’s currently calving season on our farm, and many other farmers have either begun or are approaching the start of their own calving seasons! Although it involves hard work, this period is exceptionally rewarding for every cow-calf producer.

This is the moment we’ve been eagerly anticipating – the time when our calf crop arrives. It signifies the culmination of our efforts, including the breeding season, the care provided to heifers and cows, and the successful delivery of calves during the calving season. Particularly exciting is the birth of calves from our own herd’s replacement heifers.

The calving season coincides with winter, extending into the muddy season known as spring in Nebraska. It prompts us to closely monitor and assist when necessary to ensure the warmth and survival of all calves born in cold or muddy conditions.

During calving time, especially with heifers (female cows yet to have a calf), we conduct regular nightly checks. Given that it’s their first time calving, they may require assistance in the delivery process or some extra guidance in caring for their calf. As farmers, we step in when needed. If we notice a heifer is taking longer to deliver or is struggling to care for her calf, we intervene to ensure the health and well-being of both.

While calving season keeps us busy on the farm, it also provides an opportunity to stay close to home, conduct calving checks as a family, witness the transition from winter to spring, and marvel at the beauty of new life being brought into the world time and time again!