About Us

At CommonGround, we are a group of farmers having conversations about the food we grow and how we produce it. We share our personal experiences, as well as science and research, to help consumers like you sort through the myths and misinformation surrounding food and farming.

CommonGround was developed by farmers through two of our national checkoffs, the United Soybean Board (USB) and the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). We welcome you to join the conversation – and to enjoy your food without fear.

Our Goals

Connect Consumers and Producers

Share our Knowledge and Experience

Answer Questions About Farm Life

Decrease the disconnect between consumers and the people producing their food.

Share our knowledge and experiences

Our Volunteers

Kristen Eggerling

Martell, Nebraska

She and her husband Todd were intensely interested in agriculture since they were young.  Today, Kristen and Todd Eggerling, along with Kristen’s parents, operate a farm and ranch near Martell, Nebraska, on the land that was homesteaded by Kristen’s family in 1873.

Dawn Caldwell

Edgar, Nebraska

Nebraska CommonGround spokeswoman from near Edgar. Dawn, along with her husband Matt, and her two kids, Kaydee and Emmet, raise cattle on 800 acres in north-central Kansas, about an hour south of their home.

Joan Ruskamp

Dodge, Nebraska

Joan Ruskamp is a native of Grand Island, Nebraska and a 1980 graduate of Nebraska School of Technical Agriculture at Curtis in Veterinary Technology. Joan and her husband, Steve, operate a feedlot and row-crop farm west of Dodge, Nebraska, that has been in the Ruskamp family for more than 100 years.