We are all relearning to grocery shop for home cooking and dining far more than we have been accustomed to.

Let’s talk about a solution to have main course choices on hand all the time. Have you ever purchased beef directly from a producer and had it cut exactly the way you prefer at a custom butcher shop? If you have freezer space, this could be a great option for your family! I don’t know of one website that lists all butcher shops in the area, but I did an internet search of “Nebraska Custom Butcher Shops” and a nice list popped right up. 

Considerations for purchasing freezer beef:

  • Do you know a beef producer you can purchase directly from? If so, ask to be on their list to be notified when their next beef is ready. If you don’t know a local producer, call the custom butcher shop near you and ask if they have some coming in that isn’t spoken for. They will be glad to pair you up with a beef producer. 
  • Beef is typically sold in quarters, halves and whole. A standard upright freezer, if completely empty, can hold half of a beef. You may want to pair up with a neighbor to split a quarter or half.
  • Have your beef cut to YOUR specifications! You will choose how lean you want your hamburger, if you want roasts and how many pounds you would like them to be, how thick you want your steaks, and more. Your butcher shop will have a cut order form you need to complete and they are always glad to help you with it.
  • Most beef producers will price the animal slightly over current market price. These animals are often hand-fed, and there is cost in delivering the animal to a butcher shop. Custom butchering ranges in price based upon details of your cut order. Generally, you can plan on significant savings compared to purchasing a cut at a time at a meat counter. It will be an investment that will keep your family supplied with beef for at least several months.

Once you have your freezer stocked, the meal options are endless! Grilling season is here (of course at our house, it’s all year-round anyway), and there are many more fun and delicious options to enjoy. I recommend visiting www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com to find all kinds of great ideas for the different cuts you will have stocked in your freezer.