CommonGround volunteer Leslie Boswell shares a fun and easy recipe for an Easter salad.

Bunny Salad


  • Chilled pear halves - 1per serving
  • Raisins - 2 per serving
  • Red cinnamon candy - 1 per serving
  • Blanched almonds - slices 2 per serving
  • Cottage cheese - one small scoop per serving
  • Crisp lettuce - one leaf per serving


  • Place lettuce on plate.
  • Place pear half on top of lettuce upside down. Narrow end will be the head.
  • Make small slits in the pear to push the raisins in place for eyes.
  • Push two almonds in place behind the eyes for ears.
  • Place one red cinnamon candy on the end for the nose.
  • Place one small scoop of cottage cheese at the back end for the tail.
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