Marilyn Pribyl

About Marilyn

Geneva, Nebraska

I am a lifelong farm girl, wife, mom and grandma who has had the wonderful opportunity to live on the farm all my life. I am lucky enough to have celebrated my mother’s 101st birthday (she is with me in the photo).  As the youngest of eight children, I grew up on a row crop farm near David City, where my brother still farms. Currently, my husband and I live on the farm near Geneva, where we have been for 38-plus years. We raised our four beautiful children on our farm and are now enjoying sharing our farm and the many adventures of it with our 12 wonderful grandchildren.

We farm with my husband’s family and have a good-sized corn and soy row crop operation. When it comes to livestock, we have dabbled with a lot over the years. As a 4-H family, we have had our share of experiences raising everything from turkeys, chickens and ducks to hogs, cattle and rabbits. Outside of helping my husband on the farm, I am an RN and I have worked in hospital, clinic, nursing home and school settings. I love to cook, garden and sew!