Amy Johnson

About Amy

Springview, Nebraska

My roots began in a farm and ranch family of all girls. That didn’t stop my father from raising three hardworking ladies who weren’t afraid of a solid day’s work. With my mother working alongside him, they raised a family, a crop, and cattle. Fast forward to 2011, when my husband and I returned to my hometown in the Sandhills to begin a new generation of farmers. Agriculture is our way of life, the way we have chosen to raise our two young boys. Our livelihoods depend greatly on our hard work, commitment to the ground we sow, and care we take with our livestock.

Together our families plant over 4,000 acres, and we diversify our farm operation by growing field corn, popcorn, soybeans, pinto, kidney, and great white northern beans. My husband and I are involved in the community and continue to promote agriculture, rural life, and the importance of what we do. By choice, we run our operation by promoting sustainable practices that will feed and fuel the world, and hopefully will be passed on to the next generation.

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