lana hoffschneiderI love it when God sends people into our lives, unexpectedly, and they make a profound impact on our lives, and even more so when they also positively impact the lives of our children.   Who would’ve thought that horse riding lessons would be an avenue for learning so many life lessons in a reasonably short period of time?  Not me.   I just expected my girls to learn how to ride a horse.  I also hoped that I could learn how to properly saddle and handle a horse.

We learned all that and so much more.

We all learned way more than we imagined about horse care, horse handling, and horse riding.   So what?

Here’s what… my girls learned many important life skills in the process.  And they soaked in because they were being taught by someone they had grown to love and admire after the very first riding lesson.lana 3

So what more can you learn at a riding lesson?

Respect and appreciation for your parents.   The girls were reminded to say thank you (like when I got them a drink of water while riding)… not by me, as usual, but by Paige.   A small example, but when it comes from someone your kids admire, it goes a long way!

When you’re around horses, you’re gonna step in horse manure.  Get over it.  There was no prissiness about being around the horses… and I like that.   My youngest daughter was a little grossed out while rinsing her horse… but Paige didn’t let her get away with being girly about it.  🙂

Don’t freak out.  Stay in control.  Face your fears.  Get back on and ride.   We had an instance where one of the horses got spooked and took off with my 4 year old.   Thankfully she got him stopped, and thankfully Paige was there to coach her because I felt helpless and terrified watching her ride across the field.   We both faced our fears… I made her get back on and ride, and she did.   I was ready to sell the horses but we would’ve already missed out on so much if I had given into my fears.  And so would she.

You have to work hard to get where you want to go.   The girls are so blessed to have found a mentor that has so much drive and determination for getting what she wants.   Not only with her horses but in life.

Never stop learning and trying new things!  You never know what wonderful people God will put in your path and bless you with.

Thank you Paige for the difference you’ve made in our lives!  We’ve learned so much from you – about horses, about riding, and about life.lana 4

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