It’s been 365 days since Jared and I married. Where the time has gone? I couldn’t tell you. 

A lot happened since our June 4th pasture wedding.

After dating for seven years, we finally moved in together. Only a short month later, a torrential hail storm resulted in a new roof. This was the first “real life” adult thing we had to deal with. The joys of home ownership, right?

Later that month, Jared got a job working for DuPont Pioneer selling seed to farmers in the area. It has been amazing to see how much he has learned about the seed industry. 

We got through our first harvest season as husband and wife. Jared also hauls grain for other farmers in the area. During this time, he is pushed to the limit to get their grain hauled to the elevators and help get our crops out of the field. 

This winter Jared happily installed wood floors throughout our entire house. We had a lot of great friends who helped us work multiple late nights to get our house back together again. I am so grateful for Jared’s ability to tackle any project I ask of him, no matter how difficult. He’s really the best.

The same day we got our shipment of wood floor, my dad broke his hip and injured his lower back. This happened days before our calving season was set to begin. Jared and I took over the farm for two months while he recovered. We learned a lot during that time about cattle and each other. Dad has recovered and is back to full time hours on the farm.

Halfway through February, Jared received a call from his dad in the middle of the night explaining he had suffered a heart attack in Paducah, Kentucky while he was driving to Florida. Jared and I loaded up and headed down to be with him until he could catch a life flight to Lincoln for quadruple bypass surgery. If Jared and I made it through February 2017 together…we can make it through anything. 

Early in March, while visiting one of our landlords, we witnessed a horrific rollover accident of a teenage girl whose seat belt saved her life. Just a reminder to all that seat belts do save lives. 

Shortly after March, field work and planting was set to begin. The weather this spring made planting last longer than we had hoped, but alas, we’re done and the tractor is put away!

Here we are, already in June, excited and ready to take on another year together. Jared and I created a tradition to have our local Runza create ice cream sandwiches for us to enjoy on our anniversary each year. We’re both already looking forward to next year’s celebration! 

Below are some photos from our anniversary session we plan to do each year with Taylor Atkinson Photography.





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