Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. One of the 4 most beautiful seasons. 🙂 I love fall for the smells (cinnamon candles, pumpkin pie baking, the air outside), the colors, and the cooler weather. I love to add fall colors and smells to my home by decorating with some seasonal items. One such item is a painted piece of wood that says “Welcome Harvest”.

Occasionally I catch myself gazing at that sign (in the rare few moments of silence in our house). Sometimes I smile and think, “yes, welcome harvest”. It’s so exciting to see all of the hustle and bustle in the country as we harvest our crops. There’s something so rewarding about reaping what was sown and tended to.

And other times I look at the sign and think, “why did I buy that sign? Why would I ever welcome harvest?!?!”. I get overwhelmed. Everything (except farming) is left for me to handle… the house, the car (which is in the shop right now, of course), the kids (school, activities, driving, bedtimes, meals, baths, homework) and lunch to the field or in a cooler. If we want to see Chad, we have to go to the field and ride with him. At least we get to see him, but he’s obviously distracted by the harvest (phone calls coming in, other business partners to ride, breakdowns to tend to, corn to unload, and bells and noises going off in the combine to notify him of something). I just feel off balance.

I’m thankful that I have family and friends who understand the farming way of life and what harvest entails – so I know I’m not alone. Help is only a phone call (text or e-mail) away.

I’m also thankful that we have a crop to harvest.

So yes, “WELCOME HARVEST”. Just don’t stay too long. 🙂

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