Brittany Schaneman Fulton

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Scottsbluff, Nebraska

After living in the city and away from the family farm for almost a decade, I knew I needed to head back to western Nebraska and get back to my roots. I am the fourth generation on our family operation in Scottsbluff where we raise sheep, corn and alfalfa. My husband, daughter and I work alongside my parents, and my brother and his family to make management decisions on our farm. We have a Polypay sheep herd and run an accelerated lambing program, which means the ewes are lambing every eight months. The lambs we raise on our farm are used for their wool and for the meat. Sheep have always been a part of our operation, but through the years we have kept the farm diversified by raising cattle and other row crops such as sugar beets and dry beans. Caring for the animals and taking an active role in the farm are my biggest passions. My day job allows me to embrace another one of my passions–helping tell the agriculture story. I work as a communication specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Panhandle Research and Extension Center, and I get to share news, research and education with farmers, ranchers and consumers. I believe that farmers and ranchers have a wonderful story to tell about where our food comes from and how it is made. If we aren’t sharing our own stories, then who is going to?  

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