The Schwarz family has been farming in South Central Nebraska for six generations.

Here is a picture of my husband’s grandfather, Ernest Schwarz, standing in a wheat field at the home place.We operate as traditional farmers growing organic corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, and alfalfa. Upon seeing the increased importation of food from places like China and Mexico, we were encouraged to branch out into market farming of fruits and vegetables. We feel that American farmers are far more concerned about American consumers’ welfare than the governments of other countries, which is reflected in the high health and safety standards of this country.

The challenges of food production in a cold and dry climate like Nebraska led us to explore greenhouse and low tunnel production. The construction of these facilities has allowed us to extend our growing season to year round production.

Our movable greenhouse allows us to rest the soil during cold Nebraska winters every other year and take advantage of the benefits of freezing the ground and killing pests and diseases. We live in a very dry climate where crops struggle to survive without extra water; because of this, water is in great demand.

Traditional sprinkler irrigation puts water on the leaves, which can encourage disease development, so we avoid it to the extent we can. Instead, we install drip irrigation systems to provide the vegetables with enough water without being wasteful or driving nutrients down past the roots.

These, along with other cutting edge organic production practices, allow us to provide you with some of the safest and most environmentatly friendly food production in the country.

Visit my family farm’s website here: Schwarz Family Farm

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