Farmers and ranchers are hard to buy for. Why? They need something, they buy it. I look at my Dad’s shop with all his tools and it puts any hardware store to shame. But the things farmers want (sometimes need) come with a hefty price tag with one too many zeros for my bank account. The nice sweater you got him two Christmases ago is still hanging in the closet with it’s tags. With that being said, here are some practical things farmers and ranchers might like to see under the tree this year.


  1. GoLight

GoLights attaches to the top of your vehicle or UTV with a magnet. They plug into any cigarette lighter, much like a phone charger would. The light is remote operated and comes in handy when we’re checking cows late at night during calving.


       2. Shaving Bag

Does your cowboy or farmer travel? Does he neglect shaving like mine? OR better yet, does he finally shave & then leave his trimmers or razors scattered across the bathroom vanity? Save yourself and get him this toiletry bag. My sisters and I got my dad this shaving bag last Christmas and he takes whenever and wherever he goes out of town. Classic, western and durable.


       3. Floor Mats

Last time I checked, we still farm outside. And that means we have to deal with all sorts of weather. Sometimes it’s mud you step in….and sometimes it’s not. Regardless, if you have a special work truck or not you don’t want your vehicle to smell like the feedlot. These floor mats are laser measured to protect the front, back and even up the sides of your vehicles floor. Easy to remove, clean and get dirty all over again. No need to use old seed or feed bags anymore 🙂


       4. Outerwear apparel with farm/ranch logo

Farmers and ranchers are always in need of a new vest or coat. Add some pizazz and take it to an embroidery shop to have them put your farm or ranch logo on it! 


       5. Corn or Beef State license plates

Nebraska did something cool a couple years ago and brought back the historic “Beef State” license plates. This past year they added corn plates to the mix. Help represent two of Nebraska’s largest industries. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to turn some heads driving down the road. Now if we could get the DMV to let us customize these plates we’d be onto something really cool.


       6. Fence Fault Finder

Having cows out isn’t fun. It’s even worse when you can’t find the reason they were even out in the first place! This hand-held device allows you to quickly move down your fence line, comparing voltage and current readings as you go, to locate short circuits and faults on your fence. The cows will be out of your neighbors field in no time!


       7. Pole Pruner

Cutting and trimming hard-to-reach branches can be a difficult chore if you don’t have the right tool. Farmers care about their equipment and want it to keep it looking as new for as long as possible. Maintaining fields is an important task and trimming trees along the edge is just the tip of the iceberg. This tool will help get rid of those hard to reach branches that seem to pop out of no where and scratch the side of your tractor or combine.


       8. Mini Shop Vac

Like I said before, farmers like to keep their equipment looking nice. During harvest it gets dusty. Getting in and out of equipment can cause the cab of your combine or tractor to get a little dirty. This mini shop vac is portable and easy to use in tight and hard to reach places.


       9. Montezuma Aluminum Open-Top Tool Truck Box

When you’re out in the field chances are you are not near your shop. This aluminum open-top toolbox design keeps essential tools out where you can get at them fast and easy. The aluminum diamond treadplate is sure to hold up against riding around in the bed of your truck.


       10. Utility Vehicle

OK, so this one isn’t so much practical…but maybe they’ve been extra good this year! Like I said in my last post, our gator is one of our most prized possessions on our farm. We use it every day for basically everything. If you think you don’t need one because you have a four wheeler, you’re wrong. Our farm uses a John Deere Gator, but to each their own. One thing I wish we would have spent the extra dollars on was power steering, certain terrains would benefit greatly from this option. This might be a gift you talk over with your significant other before purchasing 🙂


Stocking Stuffers

  • Ratchet Straps
  • Hitch pins with clips
  • Extension cords
  • Tape Measures
  • ChapStick
  • Favorite candy
  • Beef Jerky
  • Pliers + holster
  • Warm gloves
  • Wool socks


Happy shopping!






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