Continued from “The Cattle in My Life | Part 2”. (Read Part 1 here!)

Over the years, showing cattle has taught me many things, like how to trust, have patience, relax in the spotlight, and just do my best in everything that I do. I may have given up a lot of hours at the pool socializing with my friends, but I don’t regret it because everything that I managed to learn without even realizing that I was learning is now becoming very valuable as I venture into life as an independent adult who aims to succeed in the world of agriculture.


Now, as I am the adult standing on the sidelines and working to allow my children to learn through 4-H, I know just how hard it is to stay out of the way. I want my kids to learn the values and positive attitude that I did through 4-H and showing cattle! One of the decisions that I made this fall has been that we will stick with bucket calves and add sheep to the 4-H projects for the coming year. My twin boys are finally 8-years old and allowed to do more in 4-H, but the reality of the 1,400 pound animal pulling around and 8-year old makes me a little nervous. Therefore, I will step outside of my comfort zone and learn how to show sheep with the kids until they are just a bit bigger. The truth is, I think I would have grown in my values and skills in 4-H no matter which species of animal I was showing. It’s all about responsibility, commitment, and doing your best!

Thanks, 4-H, for shaping my life and I look forward to many more years as a 4-H Mom and Volunteer!

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