It’s like living on a freak planet. Our sweet corn is already tasseling. This is Star Trek bizarre as it’s at least two weeks before we usually see tassels popping out of the top of the stalks.

This means our family may be freezing corn during the fair. We could actually enter corn as a 4-H project.

Boiling large pots of water and plunging the ears of corn in them is how we usually get the corn cooking job done. This year I’ve got a new way of husking and cooking it.

Months ago my sister-in-law sent me an email telling how to cook corn so that you don’t have to pick the silks out.

I tried it out on television in front of a live audience on The Morning Blend as a CommonGround volunteer and it worked- thank heavens (you can watch it here!). If I can handle hot objects and talk at the same time while being filmed doing it- then anyone can do this.

First you take three ears of corn still in the husk and you lay it in your microwave. Turn the microwave on for seven minutes.

When it’s done, get a hotpad and take the ears of corn out, laying them on a cutting board. With a pretty darn sharp knife, cut the cob off, husks and all, about an inch from the bottom of the ear.

Once you have it cut off, hold the ear up at the top where the silks come out. Give the ear a few shakes and out will pop an ear of corn all cooked and ready to eat without one silk on it.

I did my magic act for my kids at noon today and it didn’t work as well because I left the corn sitting in the microwave where I had forgotten it. Instead of shaking it I had to pull the husks off and the silks came with it so it kind of works if the corn cools off but not as well.

It’s a bizarre year- tassels coming out mid- June and me cutting cobs up. I’m wondering what July will bring- watermelon? And soybean harvest in August? It’s an alien summer we’ve got.

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