ChandraWe are calving.

And with calving anything can happen.  Pulling backwards calves, helping calves suck the momma cow,  missing calves, cows claiming calves that don’t belong to them,  and broken legs.

IMG_20130209_110118_881This one particular calf we have got stepped on.  Unfortunately, he broke his leg between the knee and hip.  This is where years of experience comes in!

Just like for humans, there are braces for cows and calves.  The brace was able to be adjusted to the correct height that worked best for the calf.  Then we proceeded to secure the broken leg to the brace.  Since the bones on young animals heal quickly, this little guy will not be walking around to long with this brace.IMG_20130209_110748_910

Of course, this happened as our family was trying to get ready for the winter storm that was approaching the area! Life on the ranch is never perfect timing, but we do all we can to take care of our animals.IMG_20130209_110816_974

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