In late February, my husband, Tom, and daughter, Becky, and I went up to the lovely city of La Crosse, Wisconsin to attend the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. MOSES stands for Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services. You can check out their website here.

We went to a number of sessions on topics like organic crop varieties, crop rotations, organic grain contracts, pest management, weed management, etc. As usual, the cheese curds were delicious. We also enjoyed the trade show and brought home a whole bunch of bags of compost and potting mix.

Speaking of potting mix, SPRING PLANTING is upon us in the greenhouses. We’ve just begun making soil blocks and planting things like tomatoes and onions. I also planted some peppers in the hopes that this year, we’ll have more interest in them. I’ve got a rainbow of colors of bell peppers (including white and PURPLE!), in addition to a couple of different varieties of jalapeno and one variety of habanero pepper.


Here’s a list of some things we’re growing:


So get excited, everybody. Spring is nearly here!!

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