Speak Up is a series of blogs where CommonGround volunteers from all over the U.S. speak up to answer questions from consumers. This post is by CommonGround Iowa volunteer, Steph Essick relating to Chipotle’s new series wrongly portraying agriculture. 

iowa farm life steph essickAre you confused about what food to buy for your family? There are labels on everything from meat to ketchup bottles! What does it all mean…GMOs & HFCS?!? Do you wonder if it’s safe to feed to your family? Is organic better? Hormones..antibiotics…?? It’s confusing!

To add to the confusion Chipotle just debuted the first of a ‘comedy’ series they made. According to the chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle and an executive producer of the show “Our goal in making the show was to engage people through entertainment and make them more curious about their food and where it comes from.” He says, “It’s not a show about Chipotle, but rather integrates the values that are at the heart of our business. The more people know about how food is raised, the more likely they will be to choose food made from better ingredients — like the food we serve at Chipotle.”

Really. How are they teaching people how their food is raised? If you haven’t seen, they feed a cow oil pellets & the cow blows up. Why would farmers feed cows oil…farmers care about their cows & seriously if the cows blow up they wouldn’t make any money? Unbelievable. Where to start??

Join along on my journey. I would love to show you the true values that are at the heart of OUR business. I’m a farmer, growing corn, soybeans, & hay that cares about the land & what we grow. I’m a mother that wants the best for my punk. I’m a wife…that occasionally cooks. I’m also a CommonGround volunteer that wants to help answer questions you may have about your food & farming.

CommonGround is a group of volunteer farm women sharing our stories and trying to answer questions you may have about your food. Please ask questions! The great part about CommonGround is if I don’t have the answer there are 100+ ladies, from 16 different states, with a wide range of farming backgrounds that we can ask. Ask a farmer! We really do care. Chipotle’s ‘comedy’ series is a personal attack on us, farm families…97% of farms are family farms.

Please don’t fear your food! And there really are no dumb questions…please ask.

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