Most things are probably like any kid, no matter where you live. But as with any situation, there are some great things about being a farm kid, and some not-so-great things.

Some great things:
A super big backyard to play kick ball, frisbee, fly kites, build forts, chase the dog, and bike around. Opportunity for livestock projects and a variety of pets. Old buildings to play in (unless your dad is my husband, he likes to tear those down).

Our animal lover holding Grandpa Randy's new baby lamb. One of the perks of being a farmkid!

Lots of rocks to choose from for rock collections. You have good immunity from all the dirt and other farm germs. City kids like to come out and play. Real cows to “moo” at as a toddler learning to talk. Mud puddles. Going to the pasture with dad to look for frogs in the ponds. Playing in the water and mud while dad irrigates. Learning cuss words while parents are working cattle, moving cattle, or milking cows. Peeing outside.

He loved riding through the pasture - even in his carseat!

Lots of things to do as a family or with family (ride in the feed truck, check the cattle, ride the horse with grandpa, put out hay for the new cattle, plant trees, and even the not-so-fun things to do can actually end up being great – like baling hay, irrigating, fixing fence, etc).

Some not-so-great things:
Not much cement for biking or rollerskating (except if the machine shed is cemented!), plenty of work to help with, no neighbors to go down the street to, no park or pool nearby, takes a lot longer to get to school or anywhere else for that matter, electric fences, fixing fence (and putting back the animals that got out), chores to do BEFORE doing other things, lots of critters around (snakes, mice, raccoons, opossums, deer, skunks, etc) – I guess that could be a great thing for some kids!

Living on a farm isn’t for everyone, but it’s a life I loved as a kid, and wouldn’t have any other way for my kids!

Swinging on the barn rope in her Sunday clothes... another farm kid favorite!

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