Boiling large pots of water and plunging the ears of corn in them is how we usually get the corn cooking job done. This year I’ve got a new way of husking and cooking it.

Months ago my sister-in-law sent me an email telling how to cook corn so that you don’t have to pick the silks out.

I tried it out on television in front of a live audience on The Morning Blend as a CommonGround volunteer and it worked- thank heavens (you can watch it here!). If I can handle hot objects and talk at the same time while being filmed doing it- then anyone can do this.

Silk-Free Sweet Corn
3 ears of corn (still in husk)


  1. Place ears of corn still in husk on a plate in the microwave and mic on high for 7 minutes.
  2. Remove corn with a hot pad and lay on cutting board. With a sharp knife, cut the  stem-end of the cob off, about an inch from the bottom of the ear.
  3. Hold the ear up at the top where the silks come out. Give the ear a few shakes and out will pop an ear of corn all cooked and ready to eat without one silk on it.


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