Corn planting has only just began and – to no surprise – has already been put on hold due to rain. We’ve been in the field long enough to plant a couple hundred acres and our sweet corn patch.

Jared and I are crazy about sweet corn and absolutely love having a homegrown supply all year long. Shucking the corn and bagging it on the other hand is one of our least favorite things to do. Picking sweet corn out of the field in the middle of a July afternoon can be exhausting. When the bed of the pickup is full of ears it’s time to get to work shucking the husks and silk from the ears. Like I mentioned before, in the hot July heat. Although it’s a lot of work, nothing beats fresh sweet corn and cheeseburgers on the grill in the summer.

After the fields dry out again, we’ll be ready to get back into the swing of things. During our rain days, we’ll spend time working out any kinks the planter may have had early on or working cattle to prepare them for breeding season. My birthday was spent artificially inseminating (AI) 80 heifers for the 2018 spring calving season. The next month will be spent breeding the cows and getting them ready for summer pasturing.

Soon enough, we’ll be switching gears and moving forward with soybean planting. After all the corn gets in the ground, the anxiety and stress start to mellow out. Aside from switching the planter over to accommodate soybeans, there’s nothing drastically different between planting soybeans versus planting corn.

Since soybeans are not frost tolerant, planting them after corn helps to make sure they’re in the clear for any cold nights that may surprise farmers. These next few months will be spent monitoring field conditions and weed control. 

Hoping for a safe and dry planting season 🙂 




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