Our new tenants have finally arrived and are making themselves at home.

Fifteen baby chicks have cozied up in our garage until the coop is ready outside. Mo doesn’t quite know what to think of them yet. 

At the end of the month, my mom and I are getting 30 broilers to raise and butcher by the end of the summer. I am looking forward to having fresh chicken in our freezers.

On my days off from the farm, I enjoy planting flowers around the house and pulling weeds in the vegetable garden.

As the weather begins to really heat up, working outside on the farm in the afternoon can sometimes be unbearable. The cow dogs find ways to cool off quickly after bringing cows in from the pasture.


Aside from working on projects outside, Jared has been helping me with a few projects inside our home as well.

For my birthday, he agreed to help me install a shiplap wall in our bedroom. 

                                                                                             Shiplap is a series of fitting boards together so that each overlaps the one below as seen above!

I am extremely pleased with the way it turned out! I have had so much fun making this house our home.

Before we know it, the weather is going to turn favorable for making hay. With each passing season, I’m finding a greater appreciation for the next jobs that come with the next season.




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