This summer has been a major irrigating year – meaning we need to supplement our crops with water as they are not getting enough rain. On our farm, after the planting is done, and the fertilizer has been side dressed on (putting fertilizer into the soil), then comes time for laying or stringing out the pipe.

Some farms use pivot irrigation (when you see the big sprinklers in the field rotating), but we use pipe irrigation on our farm.

Young, strong, energetic boys are good for this job! This is where we load up long joints of pipe onto a trailer to lay across the top part of a field.

We slide the pipe together, make sure the gates are shut and flush the pipe by running water out to the end to clean all the dirt and trash (leaves, sticks, old gates) out. The end of the field can get a little muddy when this happens.

This day, my son, TJ, took advantage of the mud! He ran back and forth and even decided laying in it was a good way to cool off!

After the pipe has been flushed we go back and open gates. This part is tricky because the gate needs to be wide enough to let the water through, but not so much that is floods the field or washes into the next row. When we got all of the pipe laid out and the water turned on (and TJ washed off!), we went into town for a much needed ice cream break!

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