The last few days of spring were eventful to say the least.  A storm swept through my hometown of Springfield, Nebraska and produced a few tornadoes that damaged many buildings and farms along the way. Fortunately, my parents farmstead was unharmed except for some tree damage.  Down the road, my father-in-laws horse barn and Jared’s seed warehouse were completely damaged by the 120 mph winds. Thankfully, no one was injured and all of the livestock were unharmed.

It’s been a crazy last week working to get the debris from the buildings and trees cleaned up.

After the crops are planted, farmers put a lot of faith into Mother Nature. Timely rains throughout the summer hopefully bring higher yields when fall rolls around. Bountiful crops in the fall can positively affect farmers and meet consumer demands for ag products.

The strong winds flattened corn fields for a little while. Certain hybrids of corn withheld the storm better than others. Farmers work with their seed salesman to select the right variety of seed to plant in each field to prevent catastrophes from strong storms. After this last storm, eventually all of our corn began to stand straight up again. There are instances when farmers need to replant some or all of their crops after a storm or cold night. Thankfully this was not the case because replanting the corn would not have been an option as it would be too late.


The electricity was out in most places in the area for two to three days. Since there was no power, fences and waterers for the cattle they were powered by a generator until the electric company was able to repair the lines. 

Thankfully no one in the area was injured and things can be replaced. The whole town really came together to clean up the streets. There’s nothing like living in a small town.





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