We are in the thick of calving. Last weekend, severe storms were predicted for our area. This always means checking cows more often. Weather fronts tend to put cows into labor. Saturday morning I found three new calves, all up and frolicking when I checked them. A storm moved through right after dinner so the girls and I did another walk-thru to make sure everyone was content.

We counted one calf missing, one that had been born that morning. However, I have learned most cows are great mothers. And they will let you know by their behavior if their calf is truly missing. All cows were just watching us and chewing their cud. Hmmm…

We looked around the perimeter of the cow yard but didn’t turn up any missing calf. I kept an eye on the cow I knew had calved that morning but didn’t have a calf beside her. She is just watching us, not giving us any indication of where she might have tucked her calf. She’s good. She’s experienced at this calf raising deal. Another round of rain was starting so we headed back to the house.

Again, we headed out after the latest weather passed. This time we took a wider path around the outside of the cow yard. We searched in the tall alfalfa, in ravines and in amongst shrubs and downed trees. Again, I watched the cow. She started ambling toward the northwest where K was searching. Sure enough, K lets out a shout. She had found the calf tucked in deep under a thicket. He was warm and dry in there. Mama had sent him under the electric fence and watched him hunker down before any of the nasty weather had started. She wasn’t worried.

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