Little Giant

Calving is quickly starting to slow down. We are down to our last 40 and honestly a point I thought I’d never get to. Dad has been recovering well from his hip and back injury and is now putting in the same long hours on the farm. It has been nice to have him back as we transition to Spring.

 Last week Dad and I had to give a cow some assistance after noticing she wasn’t having any success on her own. We worry about a heifer having a calf on her own since it’s her first baby, but rarely do we ever have to help a cow give birth. She knows the routine and honestly would prefer to do it on her own. This cow has been in our herd for quite some time. It was her 10th baby and she had been pushing for an hour with very little progress. We brought her into the calving pen to get a closer look. When I reached inside the cow to feel if the calf was still ok, I couldn’t tell the calves head was the head it was so much bigger than my hand.  We knew then this wasn’t going to be a little calf or an easy pull.

Pulling a calf is something we do to assist the cow in giving birth. We reach inside her and carefully pull the calf out of her. In the picture you see a metal bar. This is used for harder pulls where our own sheer muscle strength isn’t enough. This bar helps with better leverage to pull the bigger or sometimes backwards calves out. Her heifer calf ended up weighing 144 pounds. The average weight of newborn calves we’ve had have been between 75-80 pounds. This calf set a record weight for us!  Both momma and baby are doing great and roaming the pasture with the other pairs.

The bar that you see in the picture is a calf puller. We have to use this for pulls that are not as easy. This baby was ready to be out. I think the momma was too 🙂

Little Giant.

I think Dad is still milking his injury….

Mo turned 1! We celebrated working cows and playing in the mud and water.





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