Hi, I’m Susan! My husband Mike, and I, along with our three children, Bryan, Morgan and Paul, raise registered Columbia sheep along with all the fun 4-H brings us on a small farm south of Surprise, Nebraska. My role as a farm wife may be different than most because besides our life on the farm and being a mom, I am a firefighter/EMT and a farm broadcaster. It’s a great combination that allows me to do what I love on a daily basis!

Every day is a different adventure as I enjoy sharing about raising animals, doing chores – even if it’s raining, snowing or hot out – how what we do helps so many different people. My morning starts at 2:45am with a quick barn check for new lambs. If none, it’s in t

I enjoy chore time as it’s me and the livestock…the ability to know their attitudes is a sure sign if something isn’t the “norm”. I do a check of the hens to make sure the 4-H ducks haven’t snuck in to take a swim in the winter water containers. Then it’s in the house to wash eggs and make dinner for the family.he house to start a load of laundry, check Ag news on the computer and get ready to head to work. Once we return home for the day its chore time.

Is this the “norm”? No because as we all know a day on the farm is as different as the change of the weather. I love living on the farm and being able to talk about it on the air. I am excited to share and have the opportunity to talk to other Mom’s about farm life, raising kids, and one of my favorites – cooking!


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