Homemade Ice Cream

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It’s calorie packed and ends up being twice as expensive than if we bought it at the store but we love our homemade ice cream. We have a tried and true recipe that I am unable to share with you here (okay, there’s brown sugar involved) that we make in a six quart electric freezer.

I do the beating the eggs thing and my husband, Tom, does the ice and rock salt mixture task and we end up with some pretty fantastic tasting ice cream.

It occurred to me as I was putting my six eggs in the mixer last night that I should be really cooking the eggs. We never have even though we’re supposed to in order to get rid of the bacteria that might be on the shells. This didn’t occur to me when I use store bought eggs because I know the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict guidelines on making sure the eggs are clean but these eggs were from the neighbor down the road.

I love her to pieces but no one cleans eggs like a large egg producer does with FDA inspectors around. In the whole organic food movement, people do need to realize that “organic” means we have a few more “organic” molecules on the lettuce and carrots we buy, too! I’ll keep getting eggs from my neighbor- I love brown eggs- but just like the brown doesn’t make them any healthier, neither does the fact that they are grown organically.

All the yolks are the same. As for my homemade ice cream- it is a work of art.

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