I’m not a green thumb, at all. But 2 years ago, I convinced my husband to make me a garden plot. He chuckled a little, or maybe a lot, as he tilled a patch for me. I was 5 months pregnant, with 2 toddlers… so maybe he was justified to chuckle.

Well, I did manage to get some asparagus started – which was my main objective. I think we may have harvested a few other things before the weeds took over that summer.

This year is the first year for actually harvesting some asparagus – and I was so excited to see it pop out of the ground this spring! With such a mild winter, and an early spring – we’ve already cut several stalks. Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. The best way (I think) to cook it is to put it on the grill, just right on the grates, and brush on some olive oil. Add a little seasoning if you wish. Delicious! It’ll be nice when we can actually harvest enough for everyone to have more than 1 stalk! Patience. Not a strong virtue in our household.

In addition to asparagus being a favorite vegetable because of it’s taste, I also love asparagus because it reminds me of my grandparents. My grandpa had a HUGE patch of asparagus. I think my first taste of asparagus was at my grandparents. My grandma taught me how to cut it and how to cook it. Funny how certain things bring back special memories of special people. I love that.


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