GM and Wildlife Can Coexist

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The first time I heard a negative comment about genetically modified(GM) seed I was in another country. The comment was made that the GM seed brought into their country had caused the bee population to decrease. There was no other explanation as that was the only apparent cause since GM seed was new to the region.

We have been planting GM corn and soybean seed for the past few years. This is what I am noticing around our farm. Besides having better yields with less pesticide and herbicide usage we are seeing a proliferation of wildlife.

I recently took pictures of a bird and her eggs in a tree near our house because it was our daughter, Emily, who planted the tree when she was 14 and Emily is in Peru serving as a missionary right now.

This is only one of countless bird nests I have seen when I walk our dog. This spring and summer I have noticed not only more birds but more butterflies, bees, frogs, rabbits, etc… What should I attribute this to? Could it be that the GM seed has caused a proliferation of wildlife?