Last year on Food Day was a much different type of day than today. Last year, we were still harvesting and the autumn colors were just starting to turn. This year, harvest is over (or almost over for most) and we’ve had a brilliant colored fall (I guess one thing we can thank from the Drought!).

In my blog post last year, I mentioned that it is important to share that for ranching and farming families – every day is food day. Promoting food – like alleviating hunger and decreasing the amount of junk food consumed – are great ideals. But it is more important for our consumers to be celebrating the food that farmers and ranchers are producing every day, on this Food Day.

One of the priorities of the group that is organizing this so-called “Food Day” is to “reform factory farms to protect the environment”. If anyone of these group supporters stopped by our farm, they would probably instantly call it a “factory” – simply because of its size. If you remember, our family recently added a new pig barn that can hold 6,200 pigs.

This barn is for the comfort and health of all of the pigs that we bring through our farm – and we are very serious about caring for the environment that we follow strict guidelines that make sure we are taking the right steps to removing the pigs’ waste. By using this new technology, pigs remain healthier and are happier to be in a warm, safe environment where they get plenty of feed and clean water. Our family has been raising pigs for over 60 years and we are growing the 6th generation of future farmers on the farm – despite our size, we are a family farm!

This is just one example of how we can be celebrating food every day. Our efforts in CommonGround are to answer questions and have conversations about food – so don’t be shy to speak up and ask us if you don’t understand. Food affects everyone of us and we are happy to talk about it. Enjoy your food today – and every day!

Learn about REAL Food Day here!

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