In our basement, we have this print framed on the wall:feeding the world

The phrase “Feeding the World” invokes a sense of pride for the importance of our vocation, a motivational reminder of what we’re doing, and a summation of the big picture of why we do what we do. As a side note… my husband told me I am a cool wife because I like having farm wall hangings decorating our home. 🙂

So is this just a feel good phrase? The facts say no, it’s a factual statement. Here’s why (information from

  • In 2010, $115 billion worth of American agricultural products were exported around the world. The United States sells more food and fiber to world markets than we import, creating a positive agricultural trade balance.
  • One in three U.S. farm acres is planted for export.
  • 31 percent of U.S. gross farm income comes directly from exports.
  • About 23 percent of raw U.S. farm products are exported each year.

So what’s that mean? Not only is feeding the world is very important to US agriculture (we can make more than we consume, so we need to sell it outside of the US), but the world needs US farm products because most countries aren’t able to supply their needs on their own.

This is pretty much where my ag economics session ends… I get confused quickly when people start talking about exports, trade barriers, politics, prices, world markets, and stock reports.

My main point is that US agriculture is very important, not just to put food on your table, but to feed others around the world. Why should you care? Because when you vote, or when you read, or when you join an activist group, or when you create an opinion – keep in mind that US agriculture is complex and is the core of all that we have and all that we do in America.

While most of us have enough on our plate just to figure out what to feed our family for supper (pun intended!)… America’s farmers are doing their best to supply you, and the world, with food and fiber. Let’s all work together on this because we need our urban friends to support what we do (not just in theory but by actually voting in support of agriculture).

Speaking of feeding your family… here’s a recipe of a favorite dish in our family!

lana1Cheesy Goulash

1 lb hamburger (Browned & crumbled, drain grease)
1 can tomato sauce
1/3 bag (or so) of macaroni noodles cooked according to directions on the bag
1 T Heinz 57 sauce (I just squirt some in… I don’t actually measure it)
1/4 cup ketchup (I also just squirt this in without measuring)
Small amount of Chopped onion if you like (I do but my kids don’t!)
Season with pepper

Mix all of the above in the pan you fried the hamburger in, stir and simmer. Once it is all mixed, cut velveeta into cubes and add to the goulash. You can also use other cheese – grated cheddar, american slices, whatever you have or like. Use your judgement on how cheesy you like it. I usually use about 4 – 8 oz.

We also like corn in ours… so either serve that as a side dish, or mix it right in! We use frozen corn… about 3/4 cup.


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