Right now, the three middle kids are taking a quick break from working with animals. We have 3 calves and a goat tied up to the deck and the kids are guzzling water while I type this out quickly.

There are still 4 lambs and another goat that need led with horses that should be ridden this evening. Each year we show animals in 4-H as Each year we show animals in 4-H as it helps the kids learn responsibility and how to care for animals. It also allows them to learn how to be composed under pressure and how to better present themselves and to share what they know about farming.
My fellow farmers will tell you that this 10:30 break is too late and we should have led the animals at 6:00 AM. As you know, the plan is always to start early, but we had a few other projects first. Our 8 year old boys were helping Grandpa irrigate to try and keep the corn alive in this drought and Cassidy who is 6 was helping clear weeds out of the calf pen because they had eaten some and it was making them feel a bit sick.

Farm chores are a part of our day, the horses, calves, goats, sheep, dogs, and cats are all fed and watered before we begin the rest of our day to water corn and cows and to do whatever else might be on the schedule for the day. My kids work hard and are proud of it, but the best part of this farm work and chores is that it is all about family. The kids have parents or grandparents with them or nearby while they complete their chores and work throughout the day!

With County Fair in a week and a family reunion to host at the farm tomorrow, we had better lead the animals back to barn and get them near the fan before it gets any hotter out. I also need to remind Grandpa that his workforce is being reduced starting tomorrow for the final week of Fair prep which will include preparing the critters for show and completing a few other projects-hopefully welding, woodworking, cooking, and a bit of sewing! Let the craziness of Fair Time Begin, it’s the best time of year!

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