Chandra 1My husband and I are both active EMT’s in our community.  Our pager goes off at anytime – day or night.  Motor vehicle accidents, illnesses, ‘help I’ve fallen and can’t get up’ calls.

Well on the farm or ranch we have to be the EMS service to our cattle.  Sometimes we have to pull a calf, doctor a calf for a illness, broken hip or leg. We sometimes have to pull a calf that is too big or a calf that is trying to come backwards (which would be back legs first).

Last Friday, my husband and step mom were checking cows for any signs of water bags or cows in distress, when they did see something not right.  A cow trying to push out a calf tail first or butt first.  That  would be like a human baby coming butt first.  This is a rare emergency event in cattle.  Terry and Cindy were going to try and walk the cow into the barn to better assist the cow.  But the cow went down to the ground and wasn’t able to get back up again.

chandra beef 1

Out in the middle of the calving lot, Cindy laid hay down while Terry put on OB gloves and laid on the ground behind the cow.  He tried to push the calf back in to get the back feet out so the calf could come out. chandra beef 2

With the help of 4-5 people,  three to get the cow to her side,  two trying to pull the back legs in and over the pelvic bone, the calf came out with a pop.   Unfortunately, even with the quick efforts of all the people helping, the calf could not be saved.  And the cow ended being put down.chandra beef 3

We may not have a degree in veterinarian medicine, but we are our cattle’s first doctor.  We see them first when they are sick, when they are limping, and when something  is not right when they are trying to calve.

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