Thanks to NTV for the coverage of CommonGround Nebraska volunteer, Shana Beattie!

By Brandon Smith

A group of nine Nebraska farm women look to build a better understanding between
farmers and consumers.

“Answer some questions about food and maybe food myths,” said Shana Beattie, a CommonGround Volunteer. “People just want information of where their food comes from and they want it to be safe. When they walk through the grocery store they have the opportunity to buy a safe product,” she said.

The group, CommonGround, is designed to start conversations between the women who grow food and the women who buy it.

“We’re finding that the urban area are removed from the farm. They’re maybe two, three maybe four generations removed from the farm. I think we all take for granted that we can walk through the grocery store and we have exactly what we want there for us,” said Beattie.

However, a local meat manager says consumers he talks to don’t ask to many

“It’s pretty limited,” said Mike Synder, the Meat Manager at Boogaarts. “The only thing people have a big concern about is country of origin.  As long as it’s from USA or Canada they don’t mind too much,” he said.

Both groups are the target audience CommonGround wants to instill the importance of a quality product.

“Agriculture is about using your resources in the particular area you’re at, and doing that in a good way that you can efficiently produce safe food.”

CommonGround was launched in Nebraska and four other states in the spring of 2011.  Their Nebraska co-sponsors are the Nebraska Soybean Board and the Nebraska Corn Board.

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