That was my mantra during my college days in the sorority that I lived… Drink Milk – Eat REAL butter! Yes, I grew up on a dairy farm, and since June is Dairy month… I find it appropriate to send my message through the blogging world!

You can find all kinds of scientific evidence of why you should drink milk, and why you should eat butter. And I mean the real stuff… the kind that actually says “butter” on it. But since Science has never been my strong subject – I have some other reasons!

Me showing one of my first Jersey calves at the fair.

1. It tastes delicious

2. Strong bones and teeth

3. It’s super healthy for you… apparently drinking milk can actually help you lose weight. And your body processes real butter much more easily than the fake stuff. (that’s as scientific as I get – but there is science to back that up)

How do I like to celebrate Dairy Month? By taking my kids to PrairieLand Dairy Day – June 23, near Firth, NE. If you live anywhere near this – you need to go. It’s incredible.

Grandpa and Cora at PraireLand Dairy Day a couple of years ago

There’s no better way to learn about where your food comes from, and to meet the people that produce it. Their website is – check it out for more info! I love seeing producers reach out to consumers, and they do it in a BIG way!

I’ll forever have a soft spot for dairy cattle – especially Jerseys (the cute brown ones that look like deer). And I’m proud to say that we have milk in our glasses for almost every meal served at our table…. just like when I was a kid. You should too!

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