This morning we took advantage of the beautiful weather and rounded up cattle on a pasture north and east of town.

The round up doesn’t usually happen until the first half of October. The reason the round up is so early is because like the rest of the nation, we have been dry. Except for the beautiful .80″ of moisture we got a few nights ago!

This drought has caused the pastures not to have growth of grass, therefore no food for the cattle. So we are bringing them home.

With horses and fourwheelers, we set out to gather up all 75 head of cattle, 74 head of calves (we lost one in a cectern toward the beginning of summer) and 3 bulls in the bottom of the pasture. The horses are helpful, because they can go where the fourwheelers cannot. And the fourwheelers are helpful for carrying cake (cattle feed that is like candy to cows!) to help the cows follow.We ran them down a valley, past a couple of ponds, up a draw, and into a corral.

There, the cattle were sorted for the semi’s with trailers. The driver who is very knowledgeable as for as how heavy a trailer can be loaded, called out for a certain number of cows and calves to load.


After all were loaded, we took them to my father-in-law’s house where the corral is at for unloading off a semi. The next thing to look forward to on the ranch is getting the calves ready for weaning.

And as always, kids are such an important part of work on the ranch!

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