A few weeks ago, I took pictures of the kids running up and down the rows of growing corn near our home, with the intention of writing a post about the growing corn.

The kids loved running up and down the corn rows! May 21

Then when I sat down to write the post, my pictures were outdated as it seemed the corn had doubled in size. So out we went to take a more recent picture.

Corn’s too tall for running down the rows now! June 5

And as it goes, time slipped again, and the next moment I had to write a post, my picture was again too “old” to give an accurate picture of the corn growth. So here I am, writing a post about the corn and how it’s progressing! If I don’t get too distracted, the picture from yesterday may be current. In days gone by, the common phrase used to gauge the growth of corn was “knee high by 4th of July”. Well times must have changed, or we’re using the knees of a giant!

The corn is looking great! Much of it has tasseled and tiny kernels are beginning to form. We’re so thankful for the availability of water for irrigation. We have had very hot temperatures, which the corn likes, but only if it also has water. Chad has kept very busy keeping up with the irrigation needs – which might sound like a good job to do in the heat (play in the water) but it’s quite taxing work in this heat.

Yes, kids do seem to grow fast. Thankfully not nearly as fast as corn!

Cora & cousin Zach irrigating with Chad – much taller than knee high! July 3

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