A time for Thanks.

Have you made a list of all you are thankful for?  Or perhaps you keep an ongoing list… at least in your mind.   It’s a great practice – great for the heart, and for the mind.

To reign in the list that could go on and on (because we all truly have a lot to be thankful for), I’ve decided to make a short list of what I’m thankful for as an agriculturalist:

For God – for the land and animals that he gave us to care for, and the skills to do it.

For consumers – especially meat eaters

For all farmers – the root of agriculture

For family – for the love and support to do what we do, and the legacy to carry on

For Heinz 57 steak sauce – yum

For agribusiness – for supporting what we do and taking our product to the consumer market.  And for free hats and coats.  🙂  I’d be really thankful if you made them in hot pink.

For ag industry organizations – for bringing us together and for giving us a voice

For ag youth programs – to encourage our future

For cell phones – so I can locate my husband (most of the time) and so we can talk while trying to get a pivot unstuck while one is in the field and the other at the pivot point… as long as you remember to bring your phone.

For neighbors – who don’t complain about the smell of the feedyard, who call when something doesn’t seem right, who look out for each other, who don’t judge when my son is outside with only a diaper on (in the summer), who understand rural life.

For internet service & RFD-tv – so my husband can watch farm tv shows and look at farming websites when he’s not farming.  Ok, so I’m not always thankful for this, but he is.

For 4 wheel drive – you know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to drive on gravel roads after a good rain or snow.

For technology – it’s allowed us to become more efficient at producing food

For America – for freedom and for abundant and diverse agriculture

For real butter – holiday baking just isn’t the same without it

For landlords – for trusting us to care for your farmland

For small towns – the ones who still understand that agriculture is the backbone of America, and of a community

For rain – you become especially thankful for things when you have to go without

For people who wave when you drive by or meet them in cars – I love good old-fashioned friendliness.

For my farmer – who works hard, provides for our family, doesn’t complain, loves what he does, and is cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  Just kidding about the last part.

For Thanksgiving – for reminding us to reflect on what we’re thankful for, and a good reason to gather together and eat!

Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours!

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