lanaYep, my husband has a one track mind. Not necessarily the one track that most men are accused of however.

It’s May 6, a time of year when we’re usually on the down hill slide of planting. Not this year. We’re still working out the kinks for getting started planting. But we’re not going to complain about the moisture. (Although I did happen to complain about the moisture that came in the form of snow last week!)

So what’s that got to do with a “one track mind?”

Let me give you an example. Monday, as we were on our way home from church, our 3 kids were all making loud & crazy noises of some sort, hollering for our attention… I was mentioning something to my husband about something cool I saw in the Target ad … and when I looked at my husband, he was looking out the window, all around us, with a contemplative look on his face. His phone was ringing with phone calls and texts. I quickly realized he was in the zone. The farming zone.

He was formulating a plan for the day. A couple of farmers were already in the fields that appeared to be too wet earlier in the day. (If you didn’t know, seeing someone in the field when they’re not will send most farmers into a frenzy). His farming partners and other friends were talking/texting back and forth about their thoughts on the field conditions and if it would work to get in the field. He was in the zone.

I’ve finally learned that when he’s in the “zone” to just let him be. No use in getting annoyed or upset. I knew in my mind that as soon as we got home, he was going to change his clothes and head out, and that’s exactly what he did. And that’s exactly what he should do. Farming is our livelihood, and our life. You have to take advantage of the timing when it presents itself… weather is one of the biggest risks we deal with.

I’m still amazed how he can focus so intently on farming. I’m so thankful he can. I just have to remind myself of that from time to time! 🙂

This morning he’s planting corn, he’s in the zone, and life is good!

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