The season has changed here with cool days, beautiful autumn colored leaves on the trees, and golden corn standing in our fields. Harvest is here! We have been harvesting the corn, as well as soybeans.

So, let me share our last week’s activities on the Beattie Ranch. One hundred beef calves were weaned from their mamas – our family has been lulled to sleep at night with their bawling as they are adapting to life without mama and their new surroundings.

Calves are born in the spring months are now being weaned. Weaning is where the young calf is taken from his/her mom (cow/heifer) after a period of about six to seven months of age. Their mamas have been pregnancy-checked to be sure they are fostering a baby calf to be born in the spring.

We marketed 820 hogs to be harvested for 140,000 lbs of quality pork. And harvested 10,000 bushels of soybeans that were sold to the local elevator that could be processed into soybean meal for livestock feed or soy biodiesel. This is just an average week here on the ranch!

The Beattie Family has been doing this harvest routine for five generations – over 100 years in the same spot here in Central Nebraska. My husband, Bart and I have four kids who are the 6th generation and they could not imagine fall time any different! Actually, my three-year old son spent the day on Tuesday with his daddy as they weaned the calves from their mamas and prepared both cow and calves for the winter. With numerous questions of his dad, he is learning each step of how we care for our livestock to produce quality beef.

With Food Day being yesterday, I thought it important to share that for this ranching & farming family, every day is food day. I applaud the ideal of promoting food – like alleviating hunger and decreasing the amount of junk food consumed – but realize if you want to talk about food, it is important to talk to the real farmers and ranchers who are growing your food. For us, farming is not just a job, it is our way of life and with that comes a huge responsibility to produce safe, healthy, abundant food for my family and yours.

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